Thursday, 28 February 2013

I don't deserve you

Okey I am leaving everything and the very thought of you. You will not understand what happened to me today when you just not looked at me. I was dying for a look and you just don't care. I think I am just going to be mad and I am in a onesided love and I don't think I deserve your love and thus I am just a big loser. I am ugly,shy,introverted piece and I just don't deserve to be in people. I think I have friends but it is my misunderstanding. I have only acquintances and no friends. In that way I am just a loser and nothing else. I wasted my time just looking for you here and there. I thought that a bit of you wanted me. I thought that you like me as much as I do. But,today everything changed and now I know that it was just a misunderstanding that is common in a one sided love. I still admire you as a person. And I am not writing this thing because I hate you but because I hate myself. I deserve to be hated. People just ignore me. They don't love or hate me. I am saying a sad goodbye to this small misunderstood,one sided love story and I request you to please stop me to not to start it again.

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