Friday, 1 March 2013

Ignored and Bored,Don't know what to do?

Being an introvert is another thing but today people just don't cared about me. I was left alone and everyone was sitting one bench away and they seriously didn't cared what the hell was they doing. After a virtual break up from a one sided love from my crush I was so broken but no one cared about me.

Today she again was not caring to look atleast once at me. I am going through the post breakup scenario and even if I want to forget her I have something inside me that don't want to let her go even if I wanted to.

She was again with her group of friends and oh my god I came to know that she have a new email address. She was again at the yesterday's place and the same story is repeated today.

And I want to start a no pornography and masturbation routine and I will now start a case study on my days without porn and masturbation. But tonight is going to be really bad and it is going to be very hard to avoid my desires and if I get pass through this night I am going to try same tactic tommorow and the following night. I have to study for my minor tests that are coming next week.

One thing I don't like about people is that they make their own theory about people without ever coming to know that what they are thinking. People in my life think that I am a heartless person and I don't love girls and I am only a nerd. But the fact is that I am not a heartless person but I do love a girl and I have feelings. What if I don't have a good face ,love is purely eternal and it makes the value of a bad face more than a good face without the purity of love.

So I have to stop being so much emotional and let me study "Lord Of The Rings". I kinda love that book and I want to write a book with a fantasy world. If you guys have any tips please comment.

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