Friday, 1 March 2013

I don't hate girls but they hate me

I am an introvert and I can gurantee that none of my classmates or people in my college understand what an introvert is. People say to me that I don't talk,that I remain silent. But the fact is just opposite I can talk with people whom I am more open to and I can talk non-stop on topics that interest me.

I have a different behaviour around girls. I was once good at talking with girls but that was many many years ago. Now I just don't have enough courage to talk with girls or even look at them . I fear the unknown. The girls really think I am weird and must be making fun of me because I walk with my eyes on ground because there are so many girls around.

Girls think I am an alien and they talk to everyone and just not me. Even girls talk to the most boring person of my class(believe me I think he is more boring than me). I think all the facts are pointing towards the fact that I am ugly looking. And that makes me totally out of the chances to make love with my dream girl.

Personally I don't want that girls should talk to me but still a small hi will work and I will not feel outcasted.

Even my classmates think I am weird and they often make fun of me for not liking girls. They think I am a girl inside wearing a body of boy. All of my classmates are extroverts and they just talk in groups and they don't feel any problem talking to strangers while I even feel uncomfortable while talking to them while I know them since three years.

The post above might be a boring and unorganized but I am not writing this blog as a profession but for personal diary and I just write whatever comes into my mind during writing but still I think some of you can relate with the posts and I would be more than happy if you share your views so that we can fight this war together.

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