Wednesday, 6 March 2013

I am a total failure

Today she was in a new dress and I really admired her but she is kinda far from me more than I can think of. My secret crush on her is killing me and I will die if she will not come to me. I also went to get a look at her from my important work but she was nowhere to be seen.  I like her smile,her eyes,her innocent face and what not. My feelings for her are totally different from the desire of making a physical relationship and I don't even think of that at the moment. This kind of thing has happened to me only twice in my life. Once there was a girl in my class and seriously she is my password as well. She had all the similarcthings that this girl have but both of them are very hard to get and are much desired by the people and always hitted so I don't stand a chance.

Today I lost my team a match that was totally dependent on me at the end and I failed them. Everyone think I am a loser and they are always thinking me as a weak person who needs support but I only need support moral based and some talking with them but I also don't think that as an introvert it would be easy for me to get talking.

I think I am going to break my pledge today as I am very weak from inside and the evil is going to get me.

God please save me.....

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