Saturday, 2 March 2013

Things I want to do before dying

I am an introvert and people misunderstand me(us) as not fun loving person but personally I disagree with this fact and I think we also have desires to go on outdoor adventures.

I made a list on the things I am going to do in my life and will not die befor I do them. I am sharing the list with you :

Travel Whole Europe: I don't know what Europe have but I want to travel whole Europe in my life. I like the monuments,castles,villages,cultures and everything in Europe. I am going to complete my mission before 2016 and I have to work hard to get that much money to travel across all the big or small countries of Europe. I will do it alone or with the girl I still have a one sided relationship with.

Own a submarine: I once read a book whose name I can't remember but it was totally based on life in a submarine and I liked it very much and I since then want to travel across all the world deep underwater and I will hunt for treasures. I don't know how much it will cost but I will do this adventure in last so that if I ruin everything I will have a chance to stay somewhere.

Skydiving: I have a fear of heights and you might say that I am not capable of skydiving but the fact is that would love to jump off that aircraft and into the arms of sky( I am bad at word selection). I want to enjoy the very moment of excitation just before jumping from there.

Lost in the mountains: I have another desire to get lost in the mountains of New Zealand and find my way by camping and trekking just like Bear Grylls of Man Vs. Wild. I love the mountains of New Zealand from the movie Lord Of The Rings. I hope to accomplish this task as soon as possible.

Till now I have these desites but I will keep you updated with my other desires.

Please share your must do list in your life.

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