Sunday, 3 March 2013

People Need To Change Their Mentality

This is an offtopic post but I thought that I will share it so that someone will listen what I am saying and if you like then you can just share it with your friends or anyone.

You have seen news almost daily that people killed someone without any reason or you might have listened that a few mass killings happened in recent past. One news that shocked me was that in UK one boy murdered his girlfriend because his friends offered him a free lunch in exchange. This was just a small example of people's decreasing moral values.

In India people gangrape girls in their cars,in houses . Such people are not eligible to live in this society and if you have a friend that done something real bad then you must leave him because his mind can change anytime and maybe the next victim will be a kin of yours.

I don't know where I am going with this post but you must know that the people who commit such unforgivable crimes such as rape,murder are not good for the society.

The people who commit such crimes should think atleast once that they aren't only devastating other's life but they are going to get punished and in this way they are going to get their own life destroyed.

For this we need to spread moral values in the kids because only a kid can be made as whatever we want ,you have pretty less chances in changing an adult's mentality. Only we can make this society a good place for us because sonehow or other these crimes are going to affect our lives someday. People are not born to kill or rape but the kind of education they get makes them such criminals. Youth from high class families think that poor girls are just a disposable glass and they use them and when their sexual desires don't stop they need prostitutes and it makes the selling of poor girls at large scale. In India people sell girls for money they kidnap girls and not even men,women are also in this business(sin). These activities are not only in India but almost in every country on our planet.

Please share your views though the post is not well organised and it is just a piece of thoughts that came into my mind as I let the thoughts coming out of my mind.

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