Monday, 4 March 2013

Benefits Of Playing Sports

Tomorrow I will be giving to minor tests and I am totally confused on what to study and what not to study though I am motivated to study after playing sports. I played cricket today and believe me I am now fully fresh and can study with my full concentration.

In my views sports are a good thing for introverts,in this way we don't get feel lonely (sometimes we do) . This is also a good opportunity to let our extrovert side to expose itself. No one is pure introvert.

Another good effect of sports is that we become physically fit and a physically sound body have a sound mind so that we can increase our scope of thinking.

In beginning sports can be somewhat tiresome for your body but in a few days of regular playing you are good to go and you feel that your body is fresh after playing.

You get a good sleep after playing outdoor sports and that makes you sleep well. Sleeping gives our body rest and increase its efficieny and you can get more output with your body. Sleeping also increases age (please consult expert).

Thats a stop to my nonsense post and I also want to include if you are a regular reader and want to know ,that she today not even looked at me and I not got much chance to look at her. I will try tommorow to talk to her.

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