Friday, 1 March 2013

Harmful effects of masturbation

I was trying to not do any sinful activity yesterday but I seriously become weak to those desires and I just can't stop. But from my experiences I came to know a few harmful effects of masturbation and I want to share them here .

First one is Bad Health  I am sick of reading that masturbation is healthy,it maybe but a little excessive masturbation affects your immunity(Please consult professionals). We might have learnt from our experiences that we become weak to some disease such as cold and also we have headaches,sore eyes and what not. I can gurantee if you can name a single person who don't have any of these problems and enjoy the masturbation.

Another thing that comes is that masturbation leaves our body exhausted and we waste so much of useful energy. We can use that energy in any useful task instead of wasting it for frustration. Masturbation is considered alternative to sex but from reading people experiences it comes out that sex makes you feel energetic instead of exhausting the energy out of you. Each and every person who masturbates is full of exhaustion.

Third thing is guilt. We all have a soul and it cries after masturbation because it is a sinful activity. Everyone who masturbates feels guilty doing it and take a pledge to not to do it again.

We seriously need to prptect our energy and I am strongly commited for this thing and now I took oath to not do masturbation and watch porn whole of my life.

Only love can help introverts from stopping masturbating. I don't get much love and that's why evil is so powerful inside me and since it can't harm others it is harming me.

Please note that these all are from my experiences and I advise you to ask a professional.

I would like to hear your views about any of this so please do share here by your comments.

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