Friday, 1 March 2013

How I started masturbating,the worst moment of my life...

I am going to share the very moment when I started masturbating. I was 13 year old and I was sitting in my exams. In our school students of another class sat with us and before the exam I heard them talking something about jerking it.

I got a small desire inside me to check that thing out and I came home after the exams and I went into my toilet. Yes toilet,I was living with my parents in a small room at rent. I felt amazing and a good experience and I kept doing it regularly. I soon started getting white liquid and soon I hated it to masturbate but it soon turned into an addiction and a hobby kinda thing.

Then we built our own house and in my room I was able to do anything. I started remaining naked and jerk with pictures in magazines. I started watching late night TV and jerking daily. I was almost dead but then I gave it a rest.

After that I got a mobile phone and seriously mobile meant just porn-on-the-go and I started waking up for nights and then I started more jerking. I fantasy pictures of porn than videos so that I can create a story of my own. I hate myself now that I watch porn and I love a girl.

That was my story and it now have a the end that means I am stopping to watch porn and masturbation. Watching porn is an addiction and I want to get rid of this seriously ill disease.

Please motivate me with your comments.

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