Tuesday, 5 March 2013

I lose friends or were they just acquintances

I sometimes think that I have friends but then some moments come when I think that they were just using me for a timepass and they had no one to talk with them

These kind of people really piss me off and I really feel very bad about myself. They come to you in a moment of need and after it they just say hi hello from far away or just give a smile.

I want a real friend to share my feelings but seriously I never had any such person in my life on whom I can trust and who trust me and with whom I can share my feelings,have some outdoor fun and someone who can help me in difficult situations.

That's why I started this blog so that I can share my views,my feelings with someobe who feels same or atleast just me and it makes me feel really good and takes a burden off me because I don't have a personal diary and even if I had a personal diary it might be risky business. People can read your personal diary but they can't read the blog until you tell them url or you share your personal info or other recognisable events or traits.

I advise every introvert to start a blog so that you can share your views with atleast yourself and get the burden away from your heart.

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